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About History Matters

History Matters is a venture operated by Rex Bradford, a computer game designer and avid historian of the Cold War. Rex has published articles in JFK assassination journals and speaks regularly at conferences on this topic. Contributors to History Matters' website and CD-ROM titles include Dr. Peter Dale Scott, Stewart Galanor, Dr. Gary Aguilar, Dr. David Mantik, Milicent Cranor, Jefferson Morley, Kathy Cunningham, Dr. Randy Robertson, John Hunt, Doug Horne, and Lisa Pease, all noted authors and experts on the assassination. Aesthetic and artistic direction and development is provided by the talented Gayle Robertson.

Besides operating this website, History Matters produces a series of CD-ROM titles containing source materials and essays on the topics presented on this site. History Matters is also the developer of a new web site created on behalf of the Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC), and produces a line of CD-ROMs in a joint venture with the AARC. The AARC site is available at www.aarclibrary.org.

The goal of this website is to serve as a repository and focal point for education and research on the subject of the JFK assassination and related topics in Cold War history. History Matters "sister" website, created on behalf of the AARC, will expand to include far more detailed materials of interest mainly to scholars.

History Matters is devoted to the idea that history does matter. Much of the history that we learn is biased and distorted. This is particularly true of the "official" history of our darker national episodes. History Matters has no agenda, however, other than service to the truth. By delivering document collections in an accessible manner, we hope to inform and enlighten.

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