Deep Politics III

Peter Dale Scott's new writings
on the assassination of President Kennedy

Peter Dale Scott is often called the "dean" of JFK assassination research, having engaged in scholarly research and writings on the topic for three decades. His landmark Deep Politics and the Death of JFK goes beyond Dealey Plaza and focuses instead on the "deep politics" of the assassination and the Kennedy era. Dr. Scott excels at putting the assassination into the larger and too-often obscured political context, tracing the hidden political connections between relevant figures in the case, and dissecting motives for coverup. An early critic of the Vietnam war, Dr. Scott was the first to show how subtle changes in Vietnam policy in the early days of the Johnson administration paved the way for the later expansion of the war.

Many of Peter Dale Scott's books on the JFK assassination and other topics are listed in the sidebar to the right. Among them is the little-known Deep Politics II, which is the first book to place more than passing attention on the mystery of Oswald's purported trip to Mexico City in the fall of 1963.

Dr. Scott is at work on another assassination book, tentatively entitled Deep Politics III. It contains revised and extended chapters from Deep Politics II, as well as lengthy new material which shines further needed light on some of the darker corners of this period in history. History Matters is very pleased to publish chapters from this book, prior to publication in printed form, on this website.

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Deep Politics III

Overview: The CIA, The Drug Traffic, and Oswald in Mexico

Chapter 5: The Kennedy-CIA Divergence Over Cuba



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