HSCA Knudsen Interview Audio


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  TRANSCRIPT    (PDF: 3720 K)

Robert Knudsen was a White House photographer during the Kennedy administration. In this interview conducted by HSCA staff members Andy Purdy and Mark Flanagan, Knudsen recounted his role in the developing of Kennedy autopsy photographs, including the making of sever sets of prints and their delivery to the White House. Knudsen also distinctly remembered seeing photographs which featured metal probes through the body, and was distressed that there were no such photos in the official set.

The audio recordings available here, taken directly from tapes at the National Archives, do not feature the voice of Robert Knudsen. They have the appearance of being the voice of a female stenographer transcribing the interview as it occurred, with pauses at appropriate points. Furthermore, sections of the tape have been overwritten. Reel 1, Side 2 begins with more of the Knudsen stenographer, but then switches to some completely different material relating to small business tax laws. Reel 1, Side 2A is identical to Reel 1, Side 2. The last minute of Reel 2, Side 2 features the same stenographer's voice, reading material unrelated to the Knudsen testimony.

What makes the lack of real interview audio distressing is the ARRB interview of Knudsen's wife and children, who told the ARRB that Mr. Knudsen was upset that he had never received a copy of his HSCA testimony, and who further related stories that are at odds with both the official autopsy records and with this HSCA testimony. For instance, Robert Knudsen told his family that he photographed the autopsy.

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