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Dr. Humes and Dr. Boswell, two of the three medical doctors who performed the autopsy on the body of President Kennedy, testified together to the HSCA's medical panel. Much of their testimony is taken up with the controversy over the location of the entry wound into the skull. In this interview, both Humes and Boswell remain adamant about a location near the external occiptal protuberance (eop), low in the skull, despite being unable to adequately locate this wound on any of the autopsy photographs. The medical panel seems equally persistent that the entry wound must be higher, near the cowlick. A year later, Dr. Humes appeared in the HSCA public hearings and publicly disavowed the lower eop location, though his retraction seemed half-hearted. Later in a 1993 article for the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. Humes re-affirmed the original location. The other doctors, Boswell and Finck, had never wavered from their original contention.

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