HSCA Finck 3-12-78 Interview Audio


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  TRANSCRIPT    (PDF: 847 K)

Dr. Finck was interviewed twice by the HSCA medical panel, once on March 11, 1978, and a second time on the following day at Finck's request. Dr. Finck, like Dr. Humes and Boswell before him, argued with the medical panel about the location of tne skull entry wound. Also at issue in the interview were restrictions placed on the autopsy, which Dr. Finck said were coming "from the family." Finck said he was unable to remember the answers to to many questions, such as when the back wound was discovered, whether abdominal organs were removed, when Dr. Humes learned of the throat wound from Dallas, and the name of the Army General who ordered him not to dissect the neck organs.

This testimony was not published in the HSCA's medical report, but was released along with other HSCA materials in the wake of the 1992 JFK Assassination Records Collection Act.

The transcript of this interview ends abruptly at a point just prior to the end of the first tape segment. The second two tape segments are untranscribed.

3-12-78, Side 123:05WMAMOVMP3 
3-12-78, Side 1B19:21WMAMOVMP3 
3-12-78, Side 219:56WMAMOVMP3