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Dr. John Ebersole was Acting Chief of Radiology at Bethesda Naval Hospital on November 22, 1963. Assisted by Jerrol Custer and Edward Reed, he was responsible for the taking of X-rays at the autopsy of President Kennedy. Ebersole's testimony before the HSCA medical panel began with a lengthy prepared statement which included not only the events of the autopsy, but also curious circumstances following it. Ebersole described how he participated in the making of a Kennedy bust by taking measurements on the X-rays and phoning in various figures to a Dr. Young at the White House, using coded phrases like "Aunt Margaret's skirts needed the following change."

Ebersole also told the HSCA medical panel that communications between Dr. Humes and Parkland Hospital regarding the neck wound took place during the autopsy, not the following morning. He was also puzzled by the autopsy photos, having remembered "more of a gaping occipital wound than this."

Dr. Ebersole passed away before the ARRB began taking medical depositions, and so did not testify before that body.

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