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   105-3702 File (Mexico City)


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The 105-3702 file relates to the FBI's Mexico City operations. Presented below is a tiny sample of FBI memos and reports from this file, laid out in chronological order.

10-16-63 Winston Scott to Ambassador (105-3702-1)  (PDF: 112 K)
10-18-23 and 10-22-63 (priority cables) (105-3702-2,3)  (PDF: 320 K)
11-4-63 C.B. Peck (105-3702-10A)  (PDF: 84 K)
11-23-63 Eldon Rudd to SAC, DL (105-3702-12)  (PDF: 350 K)
11-25-63 Washington, DC to Legat, Mexico (105-3702-16)  (PDF: 355 K)
11-25-63 (regarding Ambassador Mann) (105-3702-17)  (PDF: 900 K)
12-02-63 Pedro Gutierrez Valencia to Lyndon Johnson (105-3702-233)  (PDF: 216 K)